Zumbathon 2016 with DJ Bambu (click on picture for video)

A little about me:

Fitness and dance have always been a passion of mine, creating an amazing fitness program. I bring my experience in the fitness world, martial arts, and 10 years as a licensed Zumba instructor to my dance classes. I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and have studied other martial art forms. I am a trained dancer and danced professionally as an NBA Cheerleader for the Golden State Warriors. I am a wife with 3 kids.

Marinelle Brewster



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Hi Marinelle!

Good morning! I can truly say thank you for being so awesome as a Zumba instructor. You are full of spirit and dedicated with amazing passion when teaching us. You pull everyone’s attention to the forefront so we can know you care. I’ve enjoyed meeting you from day one a year ago in September 2014 at a women conference. I enjoy dancing so much so that I gave your class a try. I’ve had a blast and my daughters, granddaughters and daughter in law followed. We love your tenacity and t… Read more